Church Directory

Thank you for taking the time for updating our church directory!  There are some initial steps and information you will need to know and take.  Below is a description of how to navigate to the web portal that will connect you with our directory.  Please read!
  •    On your initial visit to the online directory you will be presented with a login page. From this page you can click the link named "Click here to request an account".  After submitting your request for a new account, your request will be reviewed and you will be emailed your initial password.  You can change the password from the same login page if you like.
  •    We are requesting you review the online directory and suggest corrections to your name or family member names, address, and phone number.  If you prefer not to have your address and/or phone listed, please let us know.  Your corrections and preferences can be emailed to the church office at
  •    If you do not have computer access to view the online directory, you can stop by or call the church office to make corrections to your name, address, and phone.
  •   We are requesting folks review and email corrections over the next month.  After we receive and make the suggested corrections, the directory will be made available in hard copy format to those that ordered or prefer a printed copy.
If you have questions related to accessing or using the online directory, please contact the church office.
Click on the picture below to be directed to our Church Directory