Sunday School

One of the most vital "organs" of any church is the Sunday School program.  Sunday School is the outreach of the local church that can minister to the community very effectively.  Sunday School is where people will learn and grow in their faith and knowledge of Christ, gain scriptural insights, learn what it means to follow Christ, and more.  Sunday School is also the place where connections will be made and meaningful friendships will be established.  

Here at Unity we have a wide variety of opportunities for you to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially.  Our classes range from nursery to the golden years of life.  We also have classes that are specifically just for women or men.  When you visit you will be greeted with our First Impression team members.  Let them know you are visiting and they will assist you.  The First Impression teams are located at the front, rear, and gym entrances.  

EQUIP Ministry

Where would the church be if we didn't have small groups?  Small Groups are where great discipleship happens.  It is where leaders are mentored and developed; it is where christian believers are given the chance to be discipled.  Here at Unity, there is an EQUIP group waiting for you!  Click here to get connected today!  



Our worship and music program is a highlight of Unity! We exist to glorify God as we tell the Gospel story through the arts.

Opportunities include our Children's Choir program, a youth Arts & Worship Ensemble, the adult Celebration Choir, our Band & Orchestra, ongoing Drama sketches and our seasonal Living Christmas Tree program. Periodically we include visual art and dance opportunities in our worship services.  

If you would like to get involved with any of these areas or have questions, please contact our Music Dept.


Children are important.  It is our desire to see the children involved here at Unity to be grounded in an unwavering foundation of God's Word.  From Bed Babies to Elementary, there are many ways your child can be involved and ministered to.

During the school term, the Awana program is available on Sunday nights beginning at 6:45pm.  For more information about our Awana Club, visit the link below.




Our Student Ministry is very active and a big part of Unity.  There are many gut wrenching statistics about young adults leaving the church. Lifeway research has it narrowed to 70%*.  It is our desire to win the youth of our community to Christ, minister to them in every area of life, reaching, teaching, guiding them in such a way to the Glory of Christ.  

Our youth program is setup with a Jr. High (6th-8th Grade) and a Sr. High (9th-12th Grade).  Each has their opportunity to serve, experience summer camps, participate in lock-ins, concerts, Famines, Nerf wars, fifth quarters, and more!  

For more information about our Student Ministries, contact Brad Callaway.

*Article: "Dropouts and Disciples:How mant students are really leaving the church?"



What can we offer to Adults?  During our Sunday School hour, we have many adult classes that are the perfect fit for you!  Ranging from College and Career to Married, there is the right class and the right atmosphere for you.  

Senior Adult

In many churches today, one of the neglected areas is Senior Adult ministry.  Here at Unity, we have a very active and thriving Senior Adult ministry.  Prime Timers being one of these areas, is very active.  From special worship hours, activities, trips, fellowships, and more, you will see how God is still alive and active in the hearts and lives of our older generations.  

Contact our church office for more information.